Chill Electronica (Medium tempo)

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Peaceful Lamb: Chill Electronica 92 bpm

Wexford Carol (12th Century Irish Tune) for Electronic Bell Choir

Here probably in the original Dorian Mode. Score available:  just message me.

Water Music: Handel’s has no water sounds: mine does.
Very soothing: splashes at 66 beats per minute (heartbeat at rest). Revised version after feedback. Same as is 66 bpm folder.

Sundowner Dreamin’:

Lush String Pads & light percussion; 100 bpm.

Concertino for cello and bell choir, based on hymn tune Aurelia (1864: Church’s Foundation)

This hymn tune is in over 900 hymnals!

Misty Cloister:
Unusual track for nightingale, Gregorian choir, altered piano & other instruments, cello in 2nd half.

Chilled Spices 3/4 meter

Smooth Sailing Chill (109 beats per minute)

Spanking Goody Chill-Out

Arp Cloud Groove

Arp Cloud Groove Slower

Arp Cloud Violin

Groovin in Sweet Lime

Raggidy Glitch

White Ice Dance

Fireworks Over Tahiti

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