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Father and daughter, Jonathan and Danelle Drury present their eclectic musical offerings.

Enjoy, and please connect with us to let us know your thoughts or requests.

Relax or Meditate All 66 bpm

When unsettled, calm & steady yourself, or for yoga: slow soothing music.

Guided Meditation (Yoga based)

Danelle here combines her experience as a yoga teacher & her love of music.

Stories of Jesus (For KIDS)

A collection of Bible stories for the young, along with songs they’ll love to sing.

Tracks for running, jogging & enjoyment

Music for running, jogging and other forms of physical exercise (180 & 122 bpm)

Chill Electronica

Electronic-based music to chill out, enjoy, relax, or dance. Just lie down and chill….

Remembrance (mostly Vocal)

Music for remembering loved ones, gone or lost, for memorials & similar.

Film, Video Games, Psychology

Music for Film, Games, Audio Portraits of Psych conditions: For sale.

Dance, Movement & Ballet

Music for dance, ballet, and movement. For modern dance, ice skating, &c.

Danelle’s Songs

Danelle sings on a number of tracks in various genres. On this page are some of her offerings. She has a degree in musical theater.

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