Modern Dance, Ice Skating & Ballet

Here are a variety of medium-length pieces for any sort of modern dance or ballet, or ice skating or other events needing movement. Our styles usually have odd meters, unusual rhythms and similar. Click on any track below to get short excerpt (or two) of how the music sounds.

For a complete explanation of any music, or for exclusive rights to the whole piece (48k 24 bit) please contact us via our Contact Page HERE.

3 movement (Moderato-Passacaglia-Chorale) 52 sec excerpts

8 Minutes with 3 movements, 2+ and 2+ and 3 minutes, suitable for a somber video or similar with different scenes.

4 Mov. Heavy Brass (solemn) 24 sec excerpts

Four Movements, total of almost 10 minutes, Brass Heavy movements for full-length production. Lively, Slow, Medium, light-hearted finale 2 minutes.

Bach Organ Fugue DMaj Dance Remix Excerpt

One of Bach’s greatest masterpieces, remixed here for dance-floor dance-dance!!, with vocals announcing each fugue entry. Wow, can’t take credit for the music, only the orchestration.

Cumbia Druriana (S American Jungle) Excerpt

In the Jungles of S. America, words in Spanish. Cumbia is a Latin dance, with old electric organ sounds. 4 + minutes

Fair Debornora Excerpt

A love song (non-vocal) for full orchestra, 7 minutes.

RagPag Variations (of Rachmaninov theme 18th variation) Excerpt

Rachmaninov’s very famous 18th variation of Theme by Paganini, heard in countless commercials and theme songs, here with theme then 9 variations and Finale. Total 10 minutes. Each variations is about 45 sec. so can be cut or duplicated for your requirements of length. Some are non-texted vocals, some complex meters. Mostly orchestral + electronic synth.

White Ice Dance Slower Excerpt

A beautiful, movement-full, dance-like track, 3 and a half minutes.

Zsa Zsa Gypsy Excerpt

Complicated rhythms/meter, quite weird throughout. 3 minutes.

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