Music for Film, Video Games, Psych Profiles

& Similar (excerpts only)

Here is strange and unusual music suitable for background or similar music for Film, Computer Games, and audio representations of psychological conditions, like Borderline Personality, Divorce, and similar. Most of it is not meant to sound nice.

Click below to listen to short excerpts, often two separate sections of long pieces, to get a quick idea of any of them.

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4 Movement Brass-Heavy Symphony (Excerpt)

Four movements with mostly brass orchestra, various modes, light-hearted finale getting faster and faster.

A Sense of Grief (Excerpt)

Good for any dystopian theme, for lack of water or light or love or whatever. 10 min.

Arp Cloud Violin (Excerpt)

Medium Speed, fast moving piece. Just less than 3 minutes.

Oh I really want to dance! (Remix of Bach organ fugue in D Major)

One of Bach’s greatest masterpieces, remixed here for dance-floor dance-dance!!, with vocals announcing each fugue entry. Wow, can’t take credit for the music, only the orchestration. Very joyful dance-like piece for joy and upliftment. 8 minutes.

Cumbia Druriana (S American Jungle) (Excerpt)

S American jungle, words in Spanish. Old-school Cumbia dance melody. 4 minutes.

Divorce (Excerpt)

Going from bad to worse. Or for any downhill, progressively depressive theme. 6:30 min.

Fair Debornora (Excerpt)

A beautiful love song for orchestra (no vocals). 7 minutes.

Out of Kilter (Excerpt)

A dystopian portrait, things going badly wrong…. 3 and a half minutes.

Second Hand Rose-Urban-1920s (Excerpt)

A Honky-Tonk piano mood piece evoking about 1900. 2 and a half minutes.

White Ice Dance Presto (RatRace) (Excerpt)

Extremely fast, like a rat going around its cage. Uneasy, not knowing what…. 2 minutes.

White Ice Dance Slower (Excerpt)

A dance-like medium speed track, 3 and a half minutes.

Zsa Zsa Gypsy (Excerpt)

A complex rhythm piece, unusual or weird, or unusual. 3 minutes.

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