Music for Running, Jogging, Exercise & Enjoyment

Running all 180 (or 90) Beats p Minute

Jogging at 122 or 144 Beats p Minute

Listed from Fastest to Slowest

Treading Green: 180 bpm

Anna NoBell: 180 bpm

Walnutty Run  180 bpm 4/4 meter

Handel Rinaldo Remix 180 bpm Video

Handel Running Remix 180 bpm mp3 only

Kalimba-Running 180 bpm

White Dancing Ice for Running 180 bpm

Running A Moving Meditation (with vocals) 180 bpm

Running Arp Fun 180 bpm

    Running Round Mulberry Road 180 bpm

Handel snippets from Rinaldo (1711) 144 bpm  (Slower than version above for running.)

Soothing Jogging 144 bpm

Pink Ice Jogging 122 bpm (LoQual Video)

Fast Raggity Jogging 122 bpm (video)

Raggity Jogging mp3 only

Jolly Circe for Jogging 122 bpm

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