Stories of Jesus (Kids)

A collection of Bible stories for the young, along with songs they’ll love to sing. The song scores are here in pdf format, to be viewed or downloaded: they are melody (with words) plus guitar chord indications. Feel free to use them for your Sunday School classes, or for your little ones to listen to at bedtime or in the car! Narrated by Danelle, sung by Danelle and a chorus of little children.

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Bible Stories – MP3s:

1 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus (song)

2 Jesus is born

3 Fishers of men (+Song)

4 First Miracle: Water into Wine (+Song)

5 Father God I Am Your Child (+Song)

6 Miracles: Healing

7 Two Healing Stories

8 Cheating Woman (& Song Jesus Heals)

9 Two Parables: Sheep and Lost Coin

10 Two Parables: Unforgiving, Samaritan

11 Parable 10 girls + Be Ready Song

12 Parable: 3 Servants

13 Miracle: Calming Storm

14 Walk on Water

15 2 Fishes 5 Loaves of Bread (+ Song)

16 Last Supper Communion (+Song)

17 Jesus Died & Rose Again — Jesus Lives (Song)

18 Salt & Light (This Little Light of Mine: Song)

19 Yeast & Mustard Seed

20 Living Water, + Bread of Life (Song)

21 Jesus You Knock (+Song)

22 Jesus is Moving In + Song

Bible Stories Scores – Downloadable PDFs:

(words + melody + guitar chord symbols)

Water Into Wine–

Father God I am Your Child–

Jesus Heals He is Amazing–

Be Ready p1–

Be Ready

This Is Communion–

Jesus Lives p1–

Jesus Lives p2–


Jesus You Knock–

Jesus Is Moving In–

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