Guided Meditations

Danelle here combines her experience as a yoga teacher with her love of music. The tracks below are all guided instructions/meditations led by Danelle, mostly set to Jonathan’s 66 beat per minute music, as explained HERE.

Lux Aeternae (Eternal Light) (phrase from Requeim Mass about God’s light shining on departed), new poem and vocals by Danelle Drury.

Relaxing wave short meditation (6 min)

Loving Kindness Meditation (stream sounds)

Loving Kindness Meditation (Orch. “Eleventh Serenity Music”)

Full Body Relaxation (Healing Breeze Music)

“I Am” Singing Meditation

Soham Breathing Meditation

Breath Meditation (Healing Breeze Music)

Letting Go Wave Meditation (Sunshine Swirl Music)

Mini Savasna Meditation (Tibetan Siesta Music)

Chants for your Chakras + Introduction (26 min. of healing for your body’s internal energy pathways, with instructions and music).

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