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Father and daughter, Jonathan and Danelle Drury present here

their eclectic musical offerings.

Jonathan Drury


Jonathan, a musicologist by training, uses his favorite instrument and friend, his music computer, to composing weird and wonderful music, now for decades. His compositions include chill electronics and psychological profiles such as titles such as “Divorce” and “Borderline”. These pieces may be suitable for those making films or theater productions, commercials and similar. Some of these are NOT beautiful, on purpose!

Relaxation & Meditation (66BPM)
Tracks for running, jogging, enjoyment 180 and 122 bpm
Dance, Movement & Ballet
Chill Electronica
Rememberance music most vocal
Guided Meditation
Film, Video games & Psychological Profiles

Danelle Drury


Danelle’s offerings include several guided meditations and visualization relaxations, set to Jonathan’s music, and some songs she has written and sung, with Jonathan providing orchestration and recording studio. Also “The Stories of Jesus”– Stories and songs for the young.

Danelle is a yoga teacher and Jonathan composed various restful and relaxing pieces for background music for her yoga classes – he calls these his 66 beats per minute meditation music – see why here (this is a link to his explanation of 66 beats per minute stuff). These can be used for meditation or calming, soothing listening.

Relaxation & Meditation (66BPM)
Guided Meditation
Danelle’s Songs
Stories of Jesus

People often ask why are all the meditation/restful pieces at 66 beats per minute?

This is the about the average slow, at rest, meditative heartbeat. When we are anxious or unsettled, one way to calm and steady ourselves is to listen to such soothing music.

Our heartbeats tend to beat in sync with the music we are hearing, though this depends on your mood, the emotions the music stirs in you, what you’ve consumed, &c. This syncing of heartbeat to music doesn’t happen quickly, but over many minutes. So keep listening! All these tracks are between 3 and 16 minutes long.

Notice: there are smartphone apps that measure your heartbeat and suggest music in the same tempo or mood. But since their algorithms assume rock music in 4/4 meter with a steady drumbeat, they often decide our soothing music (often not in 4/4) is twice as fast as it really is. The full (FREE) high-quality mp3 files here have carefully included metadata that specifies the tempo, if your app is smart enough to look there.

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