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Father and daughter, Jonathan and Danelle Drury present here

their eclectic musical offerings.

Jonathan Drury


Jonathan, a musicologist by training, uses his favorite instrument and friend, his music computer, to composing weird and wonderful music, now for decades. His compositions include chill electronics and psychological profiles such as titles such as “Divorce” and “Borderline”. These pieces may be suitable for those making films or theater productions, commercials and similar. Some of these are NOT beautiful, on purpose!

Danelle Drury


Danelle’s offerings include several guided meditations and visualization relaxations, set to Jonathan’s music, and some songs she has written and sung, with Jonathan providing orchestration and recording studio. Also “The Stories of Jesus”– Stories and songs for the young.

Danelle is a yoga teacher and Jonathan composed various restful and relaxing pieces for background music for her yoga classes – he calls these his 66 beats per minute meditation music – see why here (this is a link to his explanation of 66 beats per minute stuff). These can be used for meditation or calming, soothing listening.

People often ask why are all the meditation/restful pieces at 66 beats per minute?

This is the about the average slow, at rest, meditative heartbeat. When we are anxious or unsettled, one way to calm and steady ourselves is to listen to such soothing music.

Our heartbeats tend to beat in sync with the music we are hearing, though this depends on your mood, the emotions the music stirs in you, what you’ve consumed, &c. This syncing of heartbeat to music doesn’t happen quickly, but over many minutes. So keep listening! All these tracks are between 3 and 16 minutes long.

Notice: there are smartphone apps that measure your heartbeat and suggest music in the same tempo or mood. But since their algorithms assume rock music in 4/4 meter with a steady drumbeat, they often decide our soothing music (often not in 4/4) is twice as fast as it really is. The full (FREE) high-quality mp3 files here have carefully included metadata that specifies the tempo, if your app is smart enough to look there.


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Solution to Enitnarama Puzzle:

Variations on main theme from Enya’s 2005 piece Amarantine, backwards.

ISRC Codes for all music at this site:

NOTE: Second ISRC code for some pieces is the VIDEO version
01 Stories of Jesus (Tell Me the Stories) QZ2M81600075 Children Christian
02 Stories of Jesus (Jesus Is Born) QZ2M81600076 Children Christian
03 Stories of Jesus (Fishers of Men) QZ2M81600077 Children Christian
04 Stories of Jesus (Water into Wine) QZ2M81600078 Children Christian
05 Stories of Jesus (Father God I am Your Child) QZ2M81600079 Children Christian
06 Stories of Jesus (Miracles — Healing) QZ2M81600080 Children Christian
07 Stories of Jesus (Two Healing Stories) QZ2M81600090 Children Christian
08 Stories of Jesus (Cheating Woman & Song) QZ2M81600081 Children Christian
09 Stories of Jesus (Celebration) QZ2M81600082 Children Christian
10 Stories of Jesus (2 Parables Unforgiving, Samaritan)” QZ2M81600083 Children Christian
11 Stories of Jesus (Be Ready) QZ2M81600084 Children Christian
12 Stories of Jesus (Parable 3 Servants) QZ2M81600010 Children Christian
13 Stories of Jesus (Miracle Calming Storm) QZ2M81600018 Children Christian
14 Stories of Jesus (2 Fishes 5 Loaves of Bread) QZ2M81600023 Children Christian
14 Stories of Jesus (Walk on Water) QZ2M81600086 Children Christian
15 Stories of Jesus (Last Supper Communion) QZ2M81600017 Children Christian
17 Stories of Jesus (Died & Rose Again – – Jesus Lives) QZ2M81600088 Children Christian
18 Stories of Jesus (Salt & Light-This Little Light of Mine) QZ2M81600089 Children Christian
19 Stories of Jesus (Yeast & Mustard Seed) QZ2M81600021 Children Christian
20 Stories of Jesus (Living Water, Bread of Life)” QZ2M81600022 Children Christian
21 Stories of Jesus (Jesus You Knock) QZ2M81600091 Children Christian QZ2M81690091
22 Stories of Jesus (Jesus is Moving In) QZ2M81600092 Children Christian
3 Mov. Moderato-Passacaglia-Chorale QZ2M81600041 Symphonic-Electronic
4 Movement in E-flat QZ2M81600042 Symphonic-Electronic
7-4 Savasana soft bckgrnd music QZ2M81600012 Meditative QZ2M81690012
A Gift with Viola QZ2M81600057 Meditative
A Sense of Grief QZ2M81600066 Film Music not so pretty
Adagio cantabile with bass clarinet QZ2M81600001 Symphonic-Electronic Soothing QZ2M81690001
Almost Ragtime QZ2M81600027 Meditative
Angel with the Blue Eyes QZ2M81600038 Sentimental
Angels in the Morning QZ2M81600098 Meditative
Anna NoBell Running 180 bpm fast QZ2M81600100 Running
Arp Cloud Groove QZ2M81600028 Meditative
Arp Cloud Groove Slower QZ2M81600029 Meditative
Arp Cloud violin QZ2M81600031 Meditative QZ2M81690031
Arp Fun Running 180 bpm QZ2M81600015 Running
Arp Soaring Bright QZ2M81600094 Meditative
Arpeggio Fun for Jogging QZ2M81600030 Jogging
As Long As We’re Together QZ2M81600060 Country
Bach Organ Fugue DM Dance Remix QZ2M81600002 Dance Switch-on-Bach like Remix
Borderline QZ2M81600045 “Character, not so pretty”
Canonic Meditation in E-flat QZ2M81600005 Meditative Chakra Music QZ2M81600046
Chilled Spices QZ2M81600108 Chill Electronica
Cumbia Druriana QZ2M81600068 Film Music S Am Jungle
Divorce QZ2M81600043 Film Music not so pretty
Drakensberg Sunrise QZ2M81600007 Meditative
Eleventh Serenity QZ2M81600003 Meditative QZ2M81690003
Enitnarama Puzzle 66 bpm QZ2M81600105 Meditative QZ2M81690105
Eventide (Vocal Tri-Lingual) QZ2M81600058 Meditative QZ2M81690058
Fair Debornora QZ2M81600059 Sentimental
Fireworks Over Tahiti QZ2M81600037 Chill Electronica
Full Body Deep Relax (Majesty music) QZ2M81600051 Meditative
Groovin Sweet Lime QZ2M81600032 Chill Electronica
Handel Remix Running 180 bpm QZ2M81600099 Running QZ2M81690099
Handel Snippets Jogging 144 bpm QZ2M81600103 Jogging
Healing Breeze (Breathing & Meditation) QZ2M81600048 Meditative
Healing Breeze (Full Body Relax) QZ2M81600049 Meditative
Heart Song QZ2M81600061 Sentimental
I Am (Singing Meditation) QZ2M81600065 Meditative
I Miss You QZ2M81600062 Sentimental
In Deva Aethers QZ2M81600009 Meditative
Loving Kindness Med (11th Serenity music) QZ2M81600050 Meditative
Lux Aeternae QZ2M81600011 Meditative For Rememberance
Mbira in Clouds 66 bpm QZ2M81600107 Meditative QZ2M81690107
Messiaen Remix QZ2M81600096 Meditative
Milky Way QZ2M81600013 Meditative
Mini Waves Meditation QZ2M81600033 Meditative
Out of Kilter QZ2M81600067 Film Music not so pretty
Peaceful Nada QZ2M81600071 Meditative QZ2M81690071
Platinum Glow Chillout Dance QZ2M81600074 Chill Electronica
Princess QZ2M81600038 For Rememberance
RagPag Variations QZ2M81600069 For Modern Dance
Recuerdos – Gone QZ2M81600064 Sentimental
RenGlitchGroove QZ2M81600044 Chill Electronica
Running a Moving Meditation90bpm QZ2M81600085 Running
Running Kalimba 180 bpm QZ2M81600087 Running
Running Round Mulberry Road180bpm QZ2M81600006 Running
Schubert Shadow (Remix) QZ2M81600020 Meditative QZ2M81690020
Second Hand Rose QZ2M81600052 1920s
Smooth Sailing 66 bpm QZ2M81600104 Meditative QZ2M81690104
Smooth Sailing Chill QZ2M81600106 Chill Electronica QZ2M81690106
Soham Breathing Meditation QZ2M81600093 Meditative
Solemn Journey QZ2M81600063 Meditative
Some Day Over in the Sunrise QZ2M81600019 For Remembrance
Soothe Dream QZ2M81600073 Meditative
Soothing Jogging 122 bpm QZ2M81600102 Jogging
Soothing Strings Bowed and Plucked QZ2M81600101 Meditative QZ2M81690101
Stratsosphere QZ2M81600053 Meditative
Sunshine Swirl (Letting Go Wave Meditation) QZ2M81600035 Meditative
Surrender with Handel 66bpm QZ2M81600070 Meditative QZ2M816900270
Temple in Heaven QZ2M81600072 For Rememberance
Tenor Chimes QZ2M81600054 Meditative
Tibetan Siesta (Short Relaxation) QZ2M81600055 Meditative
Violas Singing QZ2M81600024 Meditative QZ2M81690024
Waves Meditation (Speaking) QZ2M81600056 Meditative
Walnutty Run (Running) QZ2M81600109 White Dancing Ice for Running 180bpm QZ2M81600025 Running
White Ice Presto QZ2M81600040 Chill Electronica
White Ice Slow Therimen QZ2M81600034 Chill Electronica
White Ice Slower QZ2M81600026 Chill Electronica
Wistful Lost Cloud QZ2M81600014 Meditative QZ2M81690026
Yoga Background Minimal Music QZ2M81600036 Meditative
Zsa Zsa Gypsy QZ2M81600004 Gypsy like Dance