Relax in Forest for horns and forest bird calls.

Fantasie in B Major for Classical Brass Orchestra

Canonic Meditation in Gm remembrance of In Dulci Julilio (Revised)

Longing: with Middle Eastern vibes.

Water Music:  Handel’s had no water sounds; mine does! Revised version.

Irish Carol 66 bpm

Guitar Fantasia in minor. Revised so now smoother.

Eventide Tri-lingual. Danelle Drury sings about setting sun (evening coming) with phrases about this in English, French, and Dutch.  YAWN!

Adagio Cantabile with bass clarinet and electronic orchestra. Originally called Eventide Instrumental now deleted. Completely remastered, so now smoother.  Imagined as sun setting YAWN!.

Mbira in Clouds
Ab Major, 3/4 then 6/8 meter; African thumb piano (mbira), with male choirs and misty melody line.

Enitarama Puzzle Piece: Clue is in the title.
Solution is at bottom of our “About Us” page : here.

Smooth Sailing 66 bpm

Soothing Strings Bowed and Plucked 66 bpm Remastered

Surrender to Handel. 66 bpm remix of the haunting slow aria from Rinaldo (1711); new words and vocals by Danelle Drury, w tenor choir and orchestra.

Crème  Vocale

4+3 Meter Relax

Violas Singing

Angels in the Morning

Eleventh Serenity

Floating Downstream

Lux Aeternae (version with poem below)


Messiaen Remix

Healing Breeze

Pange Lingua with Ocean Waves

Soothe Dream

Wistful Cloud

A Gift, with viola

Love Sundae

Golden Syrup Soothe

Schubert Shadow (Remix)

Peaceful Nada

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